1. Please refer to the ARTISUL user manual on how to properly install hardware. Then reinstall your ARTISUL tablet again.

2. Connect the ARTISUL tablet to another USB port, preferably directly to the motherboard.

3. Please remove other USB devices and secondary monitors from your computer. Then restart your computer. After restart, check if your ARTISUL tablet is working.

4. Uninstall the ARTISUL driver from your computer and restart your computer.

5. Download and install the latest driver from the ARTISUL website: https://artisul.com/downloads/

6. After installation is complete, check if your pen and pressure sensitivity is working.

7. If issue still occurs, test on another computer if possible. If your ARTISUL tablet works on another computer, the issue may be other drivers or software are interfering with the ARTISUL driver the first computer. To manually find and uninstall old drivers, read here.